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zombie spawn window with the "All Dead" bloody message - the board is on the wall opposite the window. Turn on the power to make them all available to play at the following locations: Most games are found in the large arcade room in the Journey Into Space district. KBS Longbow (Sniper) - 7:52. Attila Zalanyi: Found at the SDF Destroyer in Operation Safe Harbor.

Port Armor: Boarding Party - 0:34. The keys are displayed while the credits play. Most weapons from enemies and armories are randomized. Find N31L's missing head and return it to N31L to get him talking. Burn Water: Refinery - 4:39. It maccosmetics code promo is a semi-automatic shotgun with a high rate-of-fire. So here si the Step by step process to unlock David Hasselhoff.

Taras Emin: Found as a SDF Ace Pilot at the very end of Operation Phoenix. He appeared in the TV shows Baywatch and Knightrider. A teddy bear photo will be pinned onto one of these boards.

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