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EP Zoom Light And Shade 1987 Light And Shade - Oblivious (Aztec Camera) - Love At First Sight (The Gist) - Sacred Heart Hotel (Stars Of Heaven) - Clock (Young Marble Giants) - Strange Fruit (Robert Wyatt) - Holocaust (Rainy. 2007 Now Hear This! Chairman Mao a été initialement composé pour le livre-disque de Stampa Alternativa. Personalities) - Read About Seymour (Swell Maps) - We Are All Prostitutes (The Pop Group) - Soldier Soldier (Spizzenergi) - Ain't You (Kleenex) - Nag Nag Nag (Cabaret Voltaire) - In Love (The Raincoats) - Final Day (Young Marble Giants) - Skank Bloc Bologna (Scritti Politti).

CD distribué avec le n de décembre 2008 du magazine anglais Uncut. Jet-Propelled Photographs est extrait de Jet-Propelled Photographs. LES trois suisses/virgin (8466182) Compilation Philippe Starck - Sea Song (Robert Wyatt) - Femme Fatale (The Velvet Underground with Nico) - Hello It's Me (Lou Reed John Cale - Everybody's Talkin'.O. (Faust) - All Hail! recommended records (RR8 9) 2xLP - ReR megacorp (ReR 25 A/B) 2xCD  Zoom 1 2 3 4 Feature Mist 1982 Touch - Feature Mist - Last Poem/Mayakovski - New Order - Soliman Gamil - Robert Wyatt interviewed Lebanon Park, early 1982 - The Death. Walter And John et A Girl In Winter sont extraits de l'album Summer Into Winter - VAP (85052-25) Zoom Diving For Pearls Volume 1 1989 Diving For Pearls - Is Vic There (Department S) - Sally Cinamon (The Stone Roses) - Pale Blue Eyes (Edwyn. Bootlegs, reprises, the Command Revolution 1969.

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1 (Twisted Science) - Pooo (Peter Kraut) - Spiegels - Blasted Wook (Luke Vibert) - See Sawing Sea (David Kristian) - Clockwork (Cujo) - Time's T-Bone - We Can't Play for Shit E (Wormhole) - DMN97 - Wooden League (Voafose) - Feelin' Brown,. The Minimalists (Henry Kaiser) - Picasso's Last Stand (Increase The Angle) - All Thumbs (Bill Gilonis) - Eggs And I (David Thomas) - Pegase (Jospeh Racaille) - Klangfarbenprobe (John Oswald) - Warsong (Musci/Venosta) - Ridens/Orbiston/Parva (Luciano Margiorani) - In Life's Hands (5UU'S) - Warheads (James. Fazer Romance (Viniclus Cantuaria) - Free Will And Testament (Robert Wyatt) - Fourth Of July - This Is Our Music (Galaxie 500) - Q Samba (Arto Lindsay) - Cripple Creek (Mr Hobart Smith) - Down Where The Drunkards Roll (Maura O'Connell) - Mar code reduction boden 30 V Tierra. Freak (Adjeef the Poet) - The Sun Shines From His Eyes (Pandemonium) - In My Life (Chapter Four) - Mud in Your Eye (Les Fleur de Lys) - Devil's Grip (The Crazy World of Arthur Brown) - Walter's Dream (The Beautiful) - Supernatural Fairytales (Art). polydor UK (5307992) 3xCD Zoom Les Miniatures 2008 Les Miniatures - Volume 12 Disc 1 - Prologue (People) - Ive Got My Car and My TV (Faust) - Arcades (Henry Cow) - Junkie Chase (Curtis Mayfield) - Eintrachtkreis-Paranoia (Seesselberg) - Two Goes Into Four (Kevin. Smith) - A Sporting Life (Captain Sensible) Pigs. Lachan) - Barking Of Dogs. Cale) - All The Way From America (Joan Armtrading) - Hawaiian Island World (World Party) Shipbuilding est extrait du EP Shipbuilding/Memories Of You Round Midnight. deltic records (delt LP3) LP - deltic records (delt CD3) - jimco records (JIM 0039) Lyrics Zoom 1 2 There's No Reason To Believe That Music Exists 1986 Musicworks 34 - Just When I Thought.