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Fake Faith Healer : When the city of Neverwinter is hit by the Wailing Death plague, several cultists working for the Big Bad infiltrate the city disguised as priests. One of them is the official campaign, which takes place in the. This gets particularly bad if you take a close look at the altar. Weird gimmicks like the trial where NPCs raise torches to show their vote are essentially just "See what kinds of marvelous things you can do with this toolset?" Gargle Blaster : Scurrd. Designated Villain : A rare in-universe example.

Automaton Horse : Modding options for horses were added in a late patch. You can also deliver bad news to people in harsh, uncaring words, and just generally be a Jerkass.

Knock and Find Traps. Loading Screen : With gameplay tips to look at, even! In this game, he's basically just a big orc who is slightly more articulate than other orcs, and has none of the power or magic attributed to Obould elsewhere. Unwitting Pawn : Poor Fenthick. Color-Coded for Your Convenience : Characters health status goes like this: Green uninjured, Yellow barely injured, Orange injured, Red near dead. Such actions usually invoke an alignment shift to Evil. Here's a showing of the originals and their replacements.